Talent Hunt

EngineersConnect TalentHunt 2018

28th March, 2018


We at EngineersConnect welcome each one of you to participate. Talent hunt is a program where every candidate will get an opportunity to showcase their skills. We are committed to build an ecosystem to promote and support creative minds. Many start ups are collaborating with EngineersConnect to create jobs and employment for the creative minds of pune.

Bigadtruck Talenthunt

Our mission is to support divergent thinking. We are seeking a vibrant, self-sustaining and innovation-driven candidates. That is why we are providing a platform for people with a knack of creative thinking. We aim at reaching out to every potential candidates, so we decided to go condition free.

Bigadtruck Talenthunt
Vision TalentHunt

Our Vision is to improvise the skillful by placing them with right agencies / companies and providing them a suitable platform to work on, 'Creating opportunities for the one who deserves'. Bigadtruck In association with EngineersConnect are working to build a platform providing jobs on the basics of skills and ability, also Bigadtruck Academy will help in training and skill development.


Platform: The only event where you get the opportunity to choose the platform to showcase your skills.

Condition-free: No criteria. Every student is allowed to participate where number of companies will be hosting.

Opportunity for Industries: Most suitable hand-picked candidates with guaranteed potential.

EngineersConnect Talent Hunt 2018

28th March, 2018


Welcome to Engineers Connect!

You have to Sign up to connect with us. Go to the link www.engineersconnect.com and create your opportunity with us. We are providing platform to you people, it’s your call to take benefits of it.


Explore yourself

You can see more interesting things into our portal.

It is the best way to help other Engineers like you, you can guide anyone as you connect with everyone easily. You can share your materials or your information here and also learn lot many things from other tutorials. Always try to understand each concept and explore your ideas here.

Actions by us

Get all data from our portal to sort out. First we refined the all student’s data regarding their portfolio. After refined we sort out it and collect it category wise.

After collection of respective data we maintain record of it for further process.

  • Refined – refined all data regarding terms and condition
  • Collected- Sort the refined data
  • Recorded – maintain the record of collected data

Analysis all data regarding their records for example; student’s marks, their year of passing, age and their area of interest. Maintain and process on it for the final list. Rate the recorded data concerning their categories.

  • Data analysis – Analysis data with respective categories
  • Intelligent data- Process on all data by using analysis of data
  • Data ratings – Give ratings to the sorted data

Managed all data and sort it regarding the expectations of recruiters. Make the final list of all candidates with perfect records. Send all shortlisted students to respective recruiters. This is the exact way to increase hiring rate.

  • Data management – Managed all data with respective each candidate
  • Perfect data remarked- maintain proper data
  • Sharing data to recruiters – send details of candidate to recruiters
  • Increasing hiring rates – follow the process and increase hiring rate
For Companies

Oppotunity to hand-pick

Opportunity to reachout to best candidates from every institute in pune

Talent interview

Talent interview of guaranteed highly potential deserving candidates

Discover talent

Talent interview of most suitable hand-Picked Candidates that fits your requirement

For Students

Opportunity for each candidate

Every candidate will be allowed to partake. Real world problem solving tasks.

Practical flow of solution

We are providing a flow of solutions to be given by students which directs form basic to complex.

Platform to showcase innovative thinking

Shortlisted candidates from previous round will go to perform at the talent hunt event day

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