SMO the key to a successful E commerce website

SMO the key to a successful E commerce website

SMO the key to a successful E commerce website

With the youngsters and even a large portions of the mass engrossed in social media, it has overtaken television and radio as a means of communication. This should be taken up as an opportunity by all business companies and they should enhance their strategies of advertising. Using social media like-twitter, Facebook and others as a platform for marketing and advertising is the cleverest thing to do because, with majority of the population active on social media, one can easily up his business game by reaching to them. These platforms can also be used to share agendas of a company in an appealing manner, so that it comes to the notice of more and more people.

What SMO involves-Social media optimization is currently one of the most successful strategies in social media marketing for online websites and e-commerce brands. The sole purpose of social media optimization is to attract more and more people to visit the particular website and share its links with other people over social media. This type of optimization is mainly based on a few criteria and the most important of these being the development of content for the website that is appealing to the mass in general, besides this, creating colourful and interesting graphics and pictures in the advertisements that draw attention.

  • The benefits of SMO-All of this will, in turn, fetch people that would be interested in involving with the sit. Moreover, if the strategies are enticing enough and the website content satisfies people, then the links to the website might also be shared by these people with their friends over similar platforms. This promotes the growth of the website immensely.
  • The development of SMO- the idea and the term social media optimization was first coined by Indian marketer Rohit Bhargava. He laid down some guidelines regarding SMO in his blog, which included- making tagging and book marking easy for the website, laying stress on content that can be shared (PDFs, videos, pictures, audio files), encouraging the mash up that allows others to use the website’s contents within limits and reasons.
  • Its connection with Search Engine Optimization- search engine optimization, another great strategy to enhance the advertising and marketing of online websites, is closely related to social media optimization. Search engines are actually influenced by the social media activity of an individual. The search engine suggestions are based on the websites that are surfed or logged in by the person using his/her social media accounts like- Facebook, twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr and others.

Social media optimization has been in raging vogue, in recent times, in the sphere of marketing. There are several rules and techniques that should be followed, and if these are inculcated properly, then the success of an online website is guaranteed.

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